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Resources That Will Help You Get More Out of the Internet

1998 Canadian Internet Handbook and the 1998 Canadian Internet New User's Handbook
By Jim Carroll and Rick Broadhead
These are the books to have for those getting started, and those looking to go deeper into the online world. Refreshingly Canadian in an area usually dominated by American perspectives.

The Internet Unplugged
By Michael A. Banks
This tome will show you around the bells and whistles that turn a neophyte surfer into a Big Kahuna. Don't be fooled by the first glance - The Internet Unplugged is written in a very accessible style.

Dean's Digital World
By Dean Tudor.
In every issue of Sources you find a great article from Ryerson University professor Dean Tudor. In the Winter 1999 issue, turn to page 346 and help yourself to Dean's expert advice for finding Canadian information on the Internet. Check out back issues of Sources for more of Dean's Digital World.

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