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At a Glance - Websites mentioned in this issue ofHotLink

(HotLink #16)
The website of David Saxby, author of New Media… Endless Possibilities on page one, has a bevy of articles by this media-savvy consultant and president of the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Visit the CAPS website at You can see samples of their newsletter, So To Speak, where David’s article first appeared and learn more about this great organization.
Website of Success Strategies, the Sources listee featured in the Globe & Mail’s Facts & Arguments page in May. The full story of Shelle Rose Charvet (president of Success Strategies) and her moving and enlightening article is found on page two.
The resource-rich website of Steve Bennet, whose article on interview techniques begins on page one. More informative and insightful articles from Steve appear on his website.
The fiction writers’ page of Crawford Kilian, author of Writing for the Web, reviewed on page three.
The website of those publishers of everything handy, Self-Counsel Press. They published Crawford Kilian’s Writing for the Web (as well as his other Writing for… titles) reviewed on page three
The charming and imaginative website of Gene Zelazny, the author of Say it with Presentations reviewed on page three.
Publishers of Gene Zelazny’s Say it with Presentations (as well as a bevy of related titles) reviewed on page three.

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