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Where do you turn when you need to write and distribute a media release? Check out these useful links: is the Web site for the national office of the Canadian Public Relations Society. Here you can link to one of sixteen regional societies where you can then search locally for PR writers and media specialists to assist you with your latest information release. links you to Canada News Wire (CNW) our nation's most comprehensive news release distribution service. At lightning speed, your time-critical news and information can be sent directly to the media via CNW's massive electronic network. is the home of Canada's only national online weekly publication featuring articles by seasoned, public relations professionals. Every possible PR topic is covered, with great emphasis on media relations. Be sure to read Media Matters by HotLink contributor Bill Carney, or check out the archives for articles relevant to your cause. is still your best bet for obtaining concise and economical directories (print or electronic) for creating your own distribution lists that are media and government specific. Sources also offers a news release service.

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