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Below is a list of useful websites and other resources which might help save your sanity when you're looking for facts, support, resources or links about world events and media relations.

  • Advertising Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to advertising in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Allan Bonner Communications Management
    Media training, risk management, crisis communication, speaking and presentation skills.
  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
    Represents and provides resources for speakers, trainers, consultants and facilitators from across the country.
  • Canadian Public Relations Society
    Awards, accreditation, programs, special events, resources, chapter locations, links to other public relations site.
  • Communications Industry & Technology Topic Index in Sources Directory
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to the communications industry and communications technology in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Connexions Calendar RSS Feed
    RSS feed for the Connexions Calendar, listing events about social justice.
  • Connexions mirror site
    This is a backup/mirror site for
  • Connexions Quotations
    A selection of quotations about social change, resistance, solidarity, and many other topics. Compiled by Ulli Diemer. Each quote has been turned into an image file.
  • Connexions RSS Feed
    RSS feed listing some recent new, updated, and interesting items on the Connexions website.
  • Connexions welcomes your support
    Your contribution to Connexions will help us preserve the memories, experiences, strategies, success, failures and visions of those who have worked for social justice over the years so that future generations can learn and be inspired by them.
  • Consulting Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to consulting and consultants in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Downloadable SEO Sources Banners
  • Downloadable Sources Banners
  • Downloadable Sources Banners - Find it at
  • Downloadable Sources Banners - We Welcome Media Calls
  • DuckDuckGo
    A search engine that protects privacy and attempts to reduce spam and clutter.
  • Fundraising Experts and Information in the Sources Directory
  • Getting your story into the media
    Stories are the heart and soul of the media. Journalism is about telling stories, and good stories require sources # human contacts, the people who provide informed comment and expertise, the people who make stories interesting and informative.
    For more than 30 years, SOURCES has provided a vital networking service connecting journalists with the sources they need # the experts and spokespersons without whom the media would have no stories to tell.
  • Grassroots media relations
    A media relations guide for organizers and activists.
  • HotLink RSS Feed
    RSS feed listing new and updated items about Publicity, Media Relations, Public Relations, and Fundraising.
  • If Your Business is Struggling, Check Your Talent Management Strategy
    Today's companies must hit the reset button on their talent management strategy because chances are their policies are already outdated. In case you have been too busy to notice, your industry has changed and so has your workforce.
  • Journalism & Writing Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to journalism and writing in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Kartoo
    Metasearch engine with visual display interfaces. KartOO launches your query to a set of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and represents them in a series of interactive maps.
  • Marketing Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to marketing in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Media Names & Numbers
    A comprehensive directory of the Canadian news media, including television and radio stations and programs, daily, weekly, ethnic and campus newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and academic journals. Media Names & Numbers is indexed by subject, and is available in print and electronic formats. An annual subscription includes a print directory and access to the continuously updated online version.
  • Media (News & Entertainment) Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to news and entertainment media in the Sources directory for the media.
  • MegaSources
    Dean Tudor's list of gateways and information sites of interest to journalists, ranging from massive indexes and databases to specialized news beats.
  • News Release Distribution
    Sources media release distribution service.
  • Parliamentary Names & Numbers Online
    Lists all federal Members of Parliament and Senators, all provincial legislators, federal ministries, federal agencies and Crown corporations, Canadian embassies abroad, provincial and territorial ministries, direct phone and fax numbers, E-mail addresses, World Wide Web addresses, all indexed by subject. Available in print and online at $75/year.
  • Publicity Plus
    How to maximize your media impact using Sources.
    A web portal featuring publicity and PR resources, including articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and important articles. A search feature, subject index, and other research tools make it possible to find additional resources and information.
  • Publishing Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to publishing in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Que es Sources?
    SOURCES (Fuentes) es el medio interactivo que conecta a los periodistas, editores, autores e investigadores, con las Fuentes de información que necesitan para hacer efectivamente su trabajo.
  • Radical Digressions RSS Feed
    New and interesting items from Radical Digressions, featuring progressive comment and analysis from a libertarian socialist perspective.
  • Research Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
    A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to research in the Sources directory for the media.
  • Reviews from The Sources HotLink
    Reviews are in alphabetical order by title.
  • Setting Goals and Objectives That Focus, Motivate and Stimulate your Trade Show Program
    The trick to getting your trade show program off on the right foot is to spend time well before you take any other steps to decide exactly what you want your exhibit to accomplish and how you will measure your results.
  • Sources Banners - Subs & Lists
  • Sources Bookshelf
    Featuring books and DVDs by Sources member authors.
  • Sources Bookshelf Author Index
  • Sources Calendar
    Listings of events of interest to journalists, editors, researchers, publishers and others working in the media and in publishing, covering Canadian and international events, press conferences, meetings, festivals and holidays, as well as award deadlines.
  • Sources Calendar Downloadable Banners
  • Sources Calendar Expired Entries
    An archive of past events listed in the Sources Calendar.
  • Sources Calendar RSS Feed page
    RSS news feed for the Sources Calendar, which lists items of interest to journalists and the media.
  • Sources Calendar Simple HTML version
    Event calendar in non-java-script format.
    Sources is an information portal for journalists, freelance writers, news editors, authors, researchers and journalism students -- and a resource for organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals who want to get media coverage of their expertise and their views on newsworthy topics.
    Journalists: Use Sources to find experts, media contacts, spokespersons, scientists, lobbyists, officials, speakers, university professors, researchers, newsmakers, CEOs, executive directors, media relations contacts, spokespeople, talk show guests, PR representatives, Canadian sources, story ideas, research studies, databases, universities, colleges, associations, businesses, government, research institutions, lobby groups, non-government organizations (NGOs), in Canada and internationally.
    Newsmakers: Use Sources to raise your profile and get media coverage. Sources is a powerful tool which complements and magnifies your other efforts to publicize yourself. See, fill out the membership form, or call 416-964-7799.
  • Sources Directory Subject Index
    A list of subject headings related to organizations listed in the Sources directory for the news media.
  • Sources Facebook Page (Sources Directory)
  • Sources Google+ page
  • Sources Jobs
    Jobs and internships for journalists, writers (including freelancers), media professionals, marketing, public relations professionals, students.
  • Sources Listings
    Features thousands of experts, contacts and spokespeople willing to be interviewed by the media, and many articles, news releases, books, and other resources.
  • Sources News Releases
    News releases from organizations and companies on a wide range of topics. Includes an extensive topic index, an archive of releases going back to the 1970s, and links to experts and organizations knowledgeable about the issues covered in the releases. Available via RSS feed as well as on the website.
  • Sources Publishing Services
  • Sources Select Links and Resources
    Links to Internet sites and other electronic and print resources for journalists and researchers.
  • Sources Select News
    RSS news feed featuring news releases, announcements, expert comment, views, and opinion from members of Sources, the resource for journalists, writers, editors, researchers, producers, and other media professionals in Canada and abroad.
  • Sources Select Resources
    Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers.
  • Sources Select Resources Articles List
    Articles and reviews published in Sources Select Resources
  • Sources Select Resources Title Index
  • Sources Select Speakers
    Speakers available to take media calls about their area of expertise, and available for speaking engagements.
  • Sources Shop
    Get a Sources membership here. Plus subscriptions to Media Names & Numbers, Parliamentary Names & Numbers, and other quality resources.
  • S0urces Twitter, the place to find experts & sources. Reach the media with your message, send out news releases, publicize events, raise your profile, spotlight your expertise, get publicity. Follow @S0urces.
  • Startpage
    Web search engine affiliated with ixquick offers Web search results from Google while protecting users' privacy. When you search with Startpage, all identifying information is removed from your query.
  • Top Ten Things to do Before a Presentation or Speech
  • Top Ten Ways to Calm Down During Tense Negotiations or Mediations
  • Villa Fairwind: Property for Sale
    Secluded estate located at the east end of Pasadena, Newfoundland and Labrador, on a 13-acre park, nicely treed (evergreen and deciduous) and landscaped, partly fenced. This large executive home has 20 rooms, including 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (one with Jacuzzi), an office, a library, dining room, and a modern kitchen. This property is located 30 minutes west of Deer Lake airport, with direct connecting flights to England and to other parts of Canada. It is 20 minutes east of the Marble Mountain ski resort, close to a cross-country ski club and hiking trails, and 45 minutes from Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • What Not to Wear to the Company Picnic
    Sexy and frumpy have no place in the workplace. They also have no place at business gatherings, even at the park. When dressing for work or any work related activity it's important to appear credible.
  • Yippy
    A metasearch engine which submits queries to a number of sources and clusters the results by topic, source, or other criteria.