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Foreign Policy/Canadian: Experts and Sources
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Canadian Encyclopedia
The full text of The Canadian Encyclopedia and its related resources has been made available online by the Historica Foundation as a public service since 1999. Since its publication in book form in 1985, The Canadian Encyclopedia ...
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
COAT is a national network of individuals and organizations in Canada that began in late 1988 to organize opposition to ARMX '89, which was the country's largest weapons bazaar. COAT has continued to expose and oppose Canada's rol...
Parliamentary Names & Numbers
Parliamentary Names & Numbers is your guide to governments in Canada. It's an invaluable resource, available online, for anyone who needs information about Canada's politicians, senior bureaucrats, and the government sector...

News Releases

Canada fanning flames of war by cutting diplomacy with Iran -- IJV
Independent Jewish Voices
Canada should not cut diplomatic relations with Iran. It should help negotiate an end to the current crisis.
Canadian Foreign Policy and the Coming Elections in FOCALPoint: Canada's Spotlight on the Americas
Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Featuring the impact of minority government on Canadian foreign policy, Haitian democracy, U.S.multilateralism in the Americas, Colombia-UNASUR relations, Cuban bloggers, and boosting Canada's relatio...
Government Stonewalling and Possibly Spying to Shield Controversial Charity
Independent Jewish Voices
Access to Information documents reveal that Harper's government has been pressuring the Canada Revenue Agency to protect the controversial charity Jewish National Fund (JNF) from public scrutiny. It h...
Jewish-Canadians Decry Canada's Open Door to Israeli PM Netanyahu
Independent Jewish Voices
Independent Jewish Voices finds it abhorrent that the Canadian Government is extending a warm welcome to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Canada on May 30/31. An honest and responsible government w...
Sources welcomes Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is an independent, non-partisan think tank dedicated to strengthening Canadian relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sources Select Resources

Canada, At War For 13 Years, Shocked That 'A Terrorist' Attacked Its Soldiers
Greenwald, Glenn
The Intercept
The national mood and discourse in Canada is virtually identical to what prevails in every Western country whenever an incident like this happens: shock and bewilderment that someone would want to bri...
Canadian hands involved in Gaza bombings
Details on Canadian complicity in Israeli apartheid
Christoff, Stefan
The Media Co-op
Aside from sustained Conservative diplomatic cheerleading for Israel, one key element of Canada's implication less in the public eye but very important, is the key role that many Canadian companies ar...
Connexions Other Voices - May 28, 2017
Resisting Injustice
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
In this issue, we look at the relentless persistence of people challenging injustice and entrenched power in places around the world, including Palestine, Korea, China, Canada, and the United States. ...
From Israel to ISIS
Harper's 'Orwellian' Foreign Policy
Dobbin, Murray
Counter \Punch
It’s getting difficult to remember a time when the Canadian Parliament actually tried to make principled decisions regarding foreign policy and our place in the community of nations.
Globe and Mail promotes Controversial Mining Magnate
Engler, Yves
Dissident Voice
How close is too close when it comes to media outlets working with institutions set up by wealthy individuals to influence the news? The question becomes important to ask when Canada's "national newsp...
Government Stonewalling and Possibly Spying to Shield Controversial Charity
Sources News Release
Independent Jewish Voices
Access to Information documents reveal that Harper's government has been pressuring the Canada Revenue Agency to protect the controversial charity Jewish National Fund (JNF) from public scrutiny. It h...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - July 23, 2016
Workers and Climate Change
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Working people – and most of us are workers -- are affected by climate change in every aspect of our lives. As climate change worsens, our lives will worsen. If we are successful in bringing about the...

Sources Bookshelf

Press for Conversion #60
March 2007
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This issue of the magazine exposes ten ways in which Canada's Liberal government was complicit in aiding and abetting the 2004 coup d'état that ousted President Aristide's democratically-elected gover...
Press for Conversion #64
November 2009
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This 50-page issue on Canadian government and corporate complicity in the lucrative business of war, includes articles, tables and charts.


Press for Conversion
To oppose Canadian military exports and promote conversion of military industries and bases. Projects: anti-war toys, nuclear weapons research, links with Third World NGOs, opposing weapons bazaars.

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