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Canadian Voice of Women for Peace at the Canadian Mission in New York for UNCSW60

March 16, 2016

More than 20 members of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) are currently in New York City attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Thursday, March 17, they are scheduled to meet with Giles Norman, Government Relations and Legal Counsel at the Canadian Mission, NYC.

VOW is one of the non-governmental organizations (NGO) cited by UNESCO’s standing committee in the working group report entitled “The Contribution of Women to the Culture of Peace”. An accredited NGO to the United Nations, affiliated to the Department of Public Information (DPI) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), VOW was the Canadian lead group for peace at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Members have been active in follow-up activities, including writing the chapter, “Women and Peace” in Take Action for Equality, Development and Peace.

VOW co-chair Janis Alton has been leading these delegations for over 20 years. Alton says, “We know the importance of having women’s voices in all matters of national and international concern. We are committed to an agenda of peace.”

VOW member Elizabeth Littlejohn at the UNCSW press conference in NYC with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, "nine years waiting for Canada to regain status at UN. Nine years fighting with every democracy organization to do so."

VOW women will discuss their concerns and share the 12 Top Peace Priorities.
1. Stop Canada’s bombing of Syria and Iraq and withdraw our troops from the Ukraine

2. Open our borders to more refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq

3. Sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty

4. Cancel the $15 billion General Dynamics Canada contract to send weapons to Saudi Arabia and instead invest in a strategy for green jobs and renewable energy

5. Stop the secretive $26 billion Canadian Surface Combatant program and instead build affordable housing and public transportation across the country

6. Reduce military spending and redirect funds to social and environmental needs

7. Implement the recommendations of the External Review into Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces

8. Launch a public inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and create a national strategy to end gender-based violence

9. Hold a public inquiry into Canada’s complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees

10. Convene public consultations for a green paper on national defence and security and on the establishment of a Department of Peace

11. 1 Advance the United Nations’ Security Council agenda on Women, Peace & Security

12. Show leadership in nuclear disarmament and host an international meeting on the proposed UN Nuclear Weapons Convention to abolish these weapons of mass destruction


For more information contact:
Sandra Ruch
National Coordinator
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Phone: 14166037915
Cell: 14167164010

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