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Wedding Bell Blues - Destination Weddings

July 2, 2009

Far be it from me to rain on anyone′s parade – particularly that of a wedding party – but I take issue with the current vogue for destination weddings.

Perhaps it′s simply in the interest of avoiding rain that more and more couples are opting to tie the knot far, far away from home. But somehow, I don′t really think that weather is the motivating factor.

That time-honoured refrain, made famous by the 60′s girl group, the Dixie Cups, "Going to the chapel and we′re gonna get married" has been replaced with "Going to Jamaica and we′re…."

Curiously, these travel embracing twenty and thirty something couples are often at the forefront of environmentally conscious, locally focused movements such as Slow Food, Local Food, and the 100 Mile Diet. Socially correct in these environmentally challenged times, all these groups share a common goal of reducing the distance from farm to plate.

Now here′s the contradiction: these couples are asking wedding guests to globe-trot – usually at the guests′ own expense – the same distance that they balk about a head of lettuce traveling. And while the carbon footprint of the lettuce is only a one-way trip, the guests must embark on a return journey, thus doubling their environmental impact in comparison.

Destination weddings typically involve a stay of several days, often a week – especially when an all-inclusive resort is the venue. Aside from the burden of expense, there′s a significant time commitment on the part of attending guests. Then, there are health issues to consider when it comes to older friends and relatives. Another touchy topic is the entire issue of gifts. Every guest "pays the freight," literally, for the trip. Can they possibly be expected to also buy a celebratory present?

Yes, I′ve heard all the arguments in favour of a beach wedding, or a Disneyland ceremony at Cinderella′s castle, or how Aunt Dodie will see the photos on Facebook.

Bottom line, in my view, destination weddings are an imposition.
"…there are some things that even youth does not excuse."
Lord Peter Wimsey, Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers

Everything you′ve ever wanted to know about the 100 Mile Diet:

And now, for the dance portion of the programme – courtesy of the Dixie Cups:


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