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Minding your PDA P′s and Q′s

August 21, 2009

I′d venture to say that PDAs are more commonly carried than pens, or even combs, in the pockets and purses of most urbanites. Every week, I receive questions for BlackBerry etiquette or iPhone protocols and our May newsletter provided tweetiquette tips. Social networking is a part of daily life and often provides a wake-up call with the first tweet of the day.

We have become a nation of archivists – meticulously recording even the smallest of details. Although the accent is on "social," some would say there′s a dark side to all this documentation. And that′s exactly what prompted a group of New York City′s avant-garde writers to host twice monthly, off the record salons, or parties, where PDAs and photos are strictly verboten. Kind of a party hearty atmosphere – with no fear of recrimination. But an over the top, Bacchanalian fête is not the intent. Rather, the point is to cease and desist from chronicling every nanosecond. (One could argue that the hosts have, indeed, made a clever PR move.)

In complete contrast to this kind of affair is the upcoming book launch for The Won Thing by my close friend Peggy McColl. Peggy is a New York Times best selling author and an internationally recognized expert in the area of destiny achievement. I anticipate her invitation could read something like this:

You are cordially invited to attend the launch of The Won Thing
September 22nd, 2009
on the record,
tweeting, blogging, photos

Admittedly, there′s a big difference between a private party at home and a book launch. The whole point of the launch is publicity.

Another friend of mine, a TV show host who shall remain nameless, twittered:
Tweet no.1: Making my way to the Hall where Clinton & Bush will be speaking.
Tweet no. 2: Oh no! Security check: will we have to leave our PDAs with security?
Tweet no. 3: Sitting row 30 or so – with PDA!
Tweet no. 4: Clinton says…
For over an hour, I followed some of the best twittering ever!

It′s important to know when, where and what to twitter. Ever thought about asking guests to refrain from chronicling every moment at your next party? Please let us know your thoughts.

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