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Build your command presence to maximize your ability to influence others positively
Richard Martin
'Command presence' is a term that is used in the military to denote the degree of respect, admiration, and confidence that people have in a leader.
Create the conditions for success
Richard Martin
Last week I gave a list of 10 lessons I learned about leadership, strategy, and management that I learned in my time in the Canadian Army and as a consultant, helping executives, entrepreneurs, and or...
Learn to 'specialize' in being a generalist
Richard Martin
There is a famous essay by philosopher Isaiah Berlin, The Fox and the Hedgehog. In it he distinguished between authors who are 'hedgehogs,' that is who see the world through one big idea, and 'foxes,'...
Make sure your planning and discussions always end with a decision on specific action steps
Richard Martin
There is nothing wrong with gaining input by holding meetings. However, you must always close any discussion with a decision on next steps and clear direction for who will do what, by when, with whom,...
Managing well is just as important for outstanding leadership as inspiration and transformational qualities
Richard Martin
People often say that leadership and management are two different things. This is true in one sense, but in another it isn't.
Richard Martin Shows How to Keep Your Goals on Track
Richard Martin
It's entirely possible to come up with a brilliant strategy, but it's another matter entirely to implement it successfully. One of the major challenges is what to do when the initial assumptions that ...
Six Reasons to Rebrand and What it Might Cost You
Randall Craig, Social Media and Networking Expert
Have you ever wondered why companies choose to rebrand? What is the defining moment that tipped the scales? And what are the potential costs and benefits?
Sources welcomes Leading Communicators Inc.
Leading Communicators Inc.
Leadership communication: Assessments & Solutions
The Information Thief
Randall Craig, Social Media and Networking Expert
Have you ever 'borrowed' someone else's knowledge or reputation? Or has someone ever done this to you? With the social web in front of us, it is too easy to use others' information without their know...


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Informative feature articles and regular columns about professional development for CGA's. Topics include business, taxation, management, investing, information technology and personal financial plann...
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