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Eight ways to Improve your LinkedIn Engagement

April 25, 2012

Toronto - Like sand shifting beneath our feet, today's digital landscape is constantly changing. Spending time on social media sites is a powerful way to stay connected to changes, trends, and updates. However, time spent on these social media sites quickly adds up. Even ten minutes per site each day could easily add up to the annual vacation allotment. So how do we use our time more wisely?

"Making a few adjustments to your LinkedIn profile can greatly improve readability, findability, and inevitably - engagement," says Randall Craig, Online and Social Media Strategist. "Most people could do better with their return on their time investment on LinkedIn." Craig offers eight strategies to improve your ROI:

1. Have a plan: What specifically are you hoping to achieve with the tool? Professional support/professional development? To close more business? A new job? Or something else?

2. Complete your profile: This means being thoughtful in your use of keywords, not just filling in blanks. And writing for your reader

3. Change your status strategically: You are judged by the quality and frequency of your status updates. Irrelevant or too frequent posts harm your personal brand.

4. Create multi-lingual profiles: If you are fluent in another language, create a mirror profile in that language. If someone searches for keywords in this other language you'll show up.

5. Add a blog to your profile: Not only does this improve your search results, but it also lets people know how you think. "For those who are looking to get started on a blog," says Randall Craig, "I offer a free email course to get you started on blog strategy called 'Six Steps to Strategic Blogging.'" You can find this at

6. Increase activity in groups: Choosing the right groups, and participating in them, is really today's version of networking. The 'transactions' of asking and answering questions translates directly into reputation and relationships.

7. Connect to the real-world: Use LinkedIn proactively before real-life meetings. Check out your connection online before speaking to them directly, and reach out to people who know both you and them.

8. Measure and manage: Set your calendar for three months time from now. If you haven't made progress towards your goals, then re-examine what you're doing with your social media time.

Most people already have done 3-4 of these items. But what about the rest? Adds Craig ""Improve your LinkedIn engagement by changing how you spend those 5-10 'social' minutes each day."

Since 1994, Randall Craig has advised on web and social media strategy. He is the author of six books including the Online PR and Social Media series. More information about Randall Craig can be found at


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For more information contact:
Randall Craig
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