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Peel Region's Decision to Close Child Care Centres Will Increase Access to Care

September 18, 2012

In the wake of Peel Region's decision to withdraw from the direct delivery of licensed child care, the Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario (ADCO) has stepped forward to reassure parents of the availability of high quality licensed child care spaces in the independent sector. "From the standpoint of helping more families access licensed child care, Peel Regional Council made the right decision," says Kim Yeaman, Co-President of ADCO. "The money goes further when governments subsidize families' use of licensed services in the independent sector, rather than trying to own, operate and maintain their own facilities."

"It's important for families to understand that child care quality is not about whether a centre is owned by a municipality, run as a small business or as a not-for-profit corporation," says Yeaman. "The quality of care and the learning experiences a child enjoys at a particular centre depend more on things like how the centre is managed; what the facilities, equipment and programming are like; the qualifications and experience level of the staff and how well the staff works as a team." A lot of parents don't realize that all licensed child care programs are regularly inspected by the Province and have to follow the same regulations. Licensed child care programs that enter into Purchase of Service Agreements with Peel Region are also inspected by Peel Region staff to ensure quality standards are met.

Across the province, independent licensed centres have a strong history of participation in a variety of quality enhancement initiatives, such as Raising the Bar, Quality Child Care Niagara and Mentoring Pairs for Child Care. Independent licensed child care programs are also frequently the source of important family-friendly innovations, such as weekend and evening care. There are more than 330 licensed child care programs in Peel.

For more information contact:
Andrea Hannen
Communications & Operations Manager
The Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario
Phone: 1-800-567-7075

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