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Toronto-based Master Hypnotist and Trainer Reaches a Milestone Teaching her 60th Professional Hypnosis Training Class

August 19, 2013

Toronto, ON, August 19, 2013 – Debbie Papadakis, Master Hypnotist, Trainer and Founding Director of Hypno Healing Institute, Hypnosis School and Clinic in Toronto, celebrates a milestone as she teaches the art and science of therapeutic hypnosis to her 60th class in Professional Hypnosis Certification Training. Debbie, a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), is an acclaimed trainer in the field of hypnosis.
Debbie is the first Canadian to have received the prestigious Life Diplomate in Hypnotherapy Award (2012) by the IMDHA, in recognition of her esteemed contributions to the field of Hypnotherapy spanning over 20 years, and inducted to the Order of Braid (2012) by the NGH.

She has been featured in Oprah’s ‘O’ Magazine & 'O's Big Book of Happiness', Elle Canada Magazine for her work in the connection between past-life memories & relationship issues , Zoomer Magazine for ‘Prosperity by Hypnosis’ and included in the book American Artists of Professional Hypnosis, 1900-2012. She has also appeared on AM740 Zoomer Radio’s ‘The Conspiracy Show’, Own Network, Breakfast Television, SliceTV, Positive Living, WNetwork and Vision TV amongst other major media.

“I absolutely believe in the potential for everyone to benefit from hypnosis, the mind is a brilliant and powerful tool that can be used to hinder, help, or heal.” Debbie on
Debbie brings over 18 years of professional experience and expertise to her teaching. Renowned for helping people resolve issues related to emotional blockages, grief, fears, shyness, addictions, relationships, insomnia and more, Debbie specializes in the areas of relationships, insomnia, and clearing blockages.
Research shows increasing awareness and acceptance of the use of complementary and alternative medicine as a holistic approach to healthcare. Integrated medicine, i.e. conventional medicine with complementary therapy, is being seen as the favourable response to the changing methods of healthcare in the 21st century. Therapeutic hypnosis gained momentum as early as 1955 when the British Medical Association reported that hypnosis was a valuable tool in medical treatment. The American Medical Association followed suit in 1958 after a committee had investigated and reported favourably.

A 2006 study conducted by British Columbia's Fraser Institute titled ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada - Trends in Use and Public Attitudes’ found that more than one-half (54%) of Canadians reported using at least one alternative therapy in the year prior to the survey. In 2004 results from over 3,000 clinical researches were made available showing the positive heath of hypnosis

Hypno Healing Institute offers professional hypnosis certification training and other beginner/advanced courses, private sessions and workshops. For more information on courses taught by Debbie Papadakis visit

For more information contact:
Dianna Guglietti
Office Manager
Hypno Healing Institute
Phone: 4167608996

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