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Follow the Truth Brings Vision TV Conspiracy Show to Life

October 17, 2014

For the first time anywhere in the world, a unique TED-style conference based on the popular TV hit, The Conspiracy Show, investigating the dramatic rise in conspiracy theories – from documented White House cover-ups around extraterrestrial visits on Earth to proof of time travel – is being held in Oshawa, Canada.

Follow the Truth: The Conspiracy Show Summit is a full day conference on Nov. 16, 2014, covering a range of topics featuring internationally acclaimed speakers who have very strong followers online.

“The recent increase of interest and conversation around these conspiracies is reaching a tipping point in our culture and consciousness, indicating that a popular demand for the truth is on the way and unstoppable,” says Richard Syrett, host of conference, TV show and radio show.

“People just want the truth and make no mistake, the movement had already begun,” Syrett said.

Once considered an underground phenomenon, conspiracy theories are now going mainstream, appealing to all walks of life, thanks to the information revolution and an access and appetite to source documents, files and surveillance video, easily found online.

“The idea is to take our popular format for the TV show, and give it a live audience and an interactive opportunity. I find that so many of my viewers and listeners have so many questions and ideas to share that we need to create the forum for that to happen,” Syrett said.

Future plans include taking the Follow The Truth tour to NYC, Miami, LA, New Orleans, Sydney Australia, and other key cities in 2015.

The Conspiracy Show airs across Canada on Vision TV and in the United States on Destination America. The program has also been sold in Europe and Africa. In addition, Richard hosts a syndicated weekly radio program out of Toronto, also called The Conspiracy Show. His program is broadcast on AM 740, Zoomer Radio, a 50,000-watt clear-channel. The program is distributed by Syndication Networks and currently boasts about two dozen U.S affiliates

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Paul Koidis
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Phone: 905-721-3399

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