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Tyndale University College & Seminary


New Canadian Chinese School of Theology Created at Tyndale

TORONTO, ON (April 18, 2005) -The Canadian Chinese School of Theology in Tyndale Seminary (CCST) has been established in a historic agreement reached between Tyndale University College & Seminary and the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education (ACCTE). The signing ceremony took place at Tyndale on March 29, 2005.

The agreement is the first of its kind and it fulfills Tyndale's desire for structured interaction with the Chinese Christian community throughout Canada - specifically the ACCTE. Tyndale is now strategically positioned to lead the advancement of Chinese language-based theological graduate education in Ontario, through the CCST. The governance structure will feature close collaboration between the CCST and Tyndale faculty and administrative corps as they seek to educate and equip Christians to serve the world with passion for Jesus Christ.

Brian C. Stiller, president of Tyndale University College & Seminary explained, "Rapid changes within Canada require that we act in innovative ways to strengthen the church. The incredible migration of people from China is changing the face of our country. This provides us with a great opportunity to reach into their world with the changeless message of our risen Lord. In developing the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in Tyndale Seminary, we believe the Lord is leading us all to create a place of training to meet this challenging need." It is expected that classes at CCST will begin in Fall 2006.

In recognition of Tyndale's commitment to education, ministry and the need for formally educated Chinese Christian ministers, Rev. Dr. Francis Tam, secretary of the ACCTE said, "The founding of the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in Tyndale is indeed the defining moment of Chinese theological education in Canada. To meet the demand of church growth and gospel outreach, it is my hope that many Mandarin-speaking students, pastors and missionaries will benefit from ministry training under this setting." Rev. Dr. John Kao, chair of ACCTE, added, "Theological education today impacts the churches of Jesus Christ for years to come. As the Chinese Church diligently develops its Gospel ministries, plants churches and participates in world missions, effecting much growth in the process, the demand for workers is great. By being sensitive to the Chinese Church's cultural traditions, language, its collective vision and mandate, and by following the example of Jesus Christ in training his disciples, the CCST aims to raise up workers with spiritual fortitude, clear vision and a burden for souls in the twenty-first century."

The signatories to the agreement are Mr. Archie McLean, chair of the Tyndale Board of Governors, Rev. Dr. Brian C. Stiller as well as Rev. Drs. John Kao and Francis Tam.

Tyndale University College & Seminary is an evangelical, trans-denominational institution of Christian higher education that has a diverse student population with a strong contingent from the Chinese communities across Ontario. Located in Toronto, Tyndale has over 1,200 students and more than 9,000 alumni. Tyndale students choose from a variety of study focuses in a wide range of disciplines and accredited programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Founded in 1894 as Toronto Bible College, Tyndale has a rich Christian heritage dating back to its beginnings as a post-secondary theological college. Today, as a newly designated university college, Tyndale gives students an opportunity to complete their university degree in a Christian environment. Tyndale Seminary, founded in 1976, is the largest seminary in Canada preparing leaders to serve in churches, missions agencies and marketplace ministries in Canada and worldwide. Visit www.tyndale.ca for more information.

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