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Backwards Thinking: Does Your Social Media Strategy Fit?

July 27, 2011

Toronto, July 27, 2011– Most homes have a drawer or file that is bursting with TV, microwave or car instruction manuals that have never been read. Perhaps the manual is thrown away with the box or tossed into the recycling. Most people find reading through an endless list of functions is both irrelevant, and incredibly dull. In other words, it’s a colossal waste of time.

The opposite seems to be true when it comes to social media “strategic plans”. “The focus is too often on what each social media venue offers,” says Randall Craig, web and social media strategist and author of the Online PR and Social Media series. “We are suddenly interested in the endless list of functions instead of how social media fits into the processes and plans that currently exist. In too many cases, social media is a solution in search of a problem.”

Instead, a social media strategy should flip this equation around and think “backwards”: social media needs to make real world processes more efficient, more engaging, and less costly. How can social media be used for better lead generation and prospecting? How can it help the recruiting process? How can it be used for more concentrated and speedier product development? And so on.

Adds Craig: “Consider the processes that you participate in. Instead of first thinking of the social media venue, you can use “backwards thinking” to improve the process itself using social media concepts. When we take the emphasis off the tool, and emphasize the business, ‘backwards thinking’ is really ‘fast forward’.

Since 1994, Randall Craig has advised on web and social media strategy. He is the author of six books including the Online PR and Social Media series. More information about Randall Craig can be found at


For more information contact:

Randall Craig
416.256.7773 x101 /

Carolyn Bergshoeff
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To see more of Randall Craig, watch Randall Craig talk about social media efficiency:

For more information contact:
Randall Craig
Pinetree Advisors
Phone: 416-256-7773 x101

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