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Some Corporations Have all the Luck

April 11, 2012

Toronto, April 11th, 2012 - It's easy to look at successful organizations or people and marvel at their incredible foresight, acumen, and investment. Looking at some of the most successful companies and their products, like Apple and Google, it's easy to say, "They were just lucky", but it's unlikely that 'luck' is responsible for their success.

"Few people remember the many failures of these successful organizations," says Randall Craig, Web and Social Media strategist. "And what was overcome to achieve that later success. Remember the Apple III? Or the Apple Newton? Or Google Wave? Or Google Buzz?" They have been easily overshadowed by the iPhone, iPad, Google+, and Android.

Looking closely at the drivers of their success, Craig identifies a few common threads:

* Hire smart people, and then invest in them so that they grow.
* Network and develop relationships with complementary organizations and people.
* Allow some free time for innovation, beyond the present corporate goals.
* Take risks, accept failure, but learn from it.
* Focus on the market and adding value to it; it's too easy to be transfixed by what you see in the rear-view mirror.

Adds Craig: "Additional factors such as capitalization, and IP ownership can also be factors, but these five success factors have 'people' as their common denominator." In fact, most recruiters in the tech world lament about the war for talent. And some tech companies are being valued not on sales or profitability, but on the number of engineers.

While it may be tempting to look elsewhere when things are not going particularly well, don't. These five factors apply equally at the individual level. A good idea is to choose one activity: invest in yourself, network, innovate, take risks, and focus on the market instead of yourself.


Since 1994, Randall Craig has advised on web and social media strategy. Craig is the author of six books including Social Media for Business and the Online PR and Social Media series. For more information on Randall' Craig and social media visit

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