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National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada 2016 Recognition Awards

October 31, 2016

The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada is pleased to present its 2016 Recognition Awards.

The ceremony for the presentation of the Awards is scheduled for Friday November 4th, at the Lieutenant Governor's suite, at Queen's Park, Toronto Ontario.

The Hon. Elizabeth Downdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario will host the ceremony at 6:00 pm and also will present the Awards on behalf of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

Entrance to event is restricted by invitation only.

Distinguished Services Category: “Distinguished Services”

1. Chief (Ret). Armand P. La Barge, York Regional Police
Chief (Ret) Armand La Barge is a champion of diversity and inclusion, a well-known defender of social justice and human rights and a pioneer in the field of police and diverse community relations. He was the first graduate of York University’s Multicultural Studies program and as the Chief of York Regional Police he dedicated himself to the task of building bridges and breaking down barriers between police and diverse communities. A founding member of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Diversity Committee and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police International Committee, Chief La Barge developed a number of initiatives including the creation of a Recruiting with a Vision program to better ensure that York Regional Police reflected the pluralistic, multiracial and multicultural character of the community it serves.
Chief (Ret) Armand P. La Barge is recognized for his services: “Public Service/ Humanities/Diversity”

2. Inspector Ricky Veerappan, York Regional Police
Inspector Ricky Veerappan has been a member of York Regional Police for the past 28 years and is currently the Officer in Charge of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau. The bureau, reports to the office of the Chief of Police, has a mandate which includes the building and maintenance of strong police/community relations and partnerships, the monitoring and investigation of Hate Crime, Hate Crime prevention and coordination of the 21 member York Regional Police Hate Crime investigation Team. Inspector Veerappan is a real model of civil servant, he holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management in Political, Ethnic and Security Issues from the Royal Roads University and is also a graduate of the University Of Toronto Joseph L. Rotman School Of Management Police Leadership Program. He is the recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the YMCA Peace Medallion for 2013.
Inspector Ricky Veerappan is recognized for his services to: (Public Service/Social Justice/ Equality)

3. Mr. Chris A. Adamopoulos, (Montreal) Greek
Mr. Adamopoulos is the General Director of Socrates-Demosthenes school of the Greek Community of Greater Montreal, where the students are taught French, English and Greek. Mr. Adamopoulos is holding a Master's in Education from the University of Montreal. He is a very successful journalist accredited many times to cover the Olympics and other international games all over the world. He published a historical reference book on the celebration of 100 years of Greek Education in Montreal. He reorganized the curriculum and drew up an action plan in order to satisfy the recommendations of the school board of Montreal. Under his direction the school has addressed the issue of bullying and harassment. He modernized the schools of the community and successfully implemented the teaching of technology. Finally in July 2016, he created a business plan for the proposed new Laval Complex which was finalized and included in the latest architectural plans and the entire financial plan. In August of 2016, he inaugurated the school system of the community as fully trilingual; a historic achievement with monumental importance in preserving Hellenism in the province of Quebec and Canada.
For his distinguished services to Hellenic Communities and Canadian multiculturalism he is recognized today for: (Humanities/ Social Justice/ Education)

4. Ms. Elaine Dundon, MBA. Irish
Professor Elaine Dundon is co-founder of the Global Meaning Institute, with offices in Canada, Greece, and the United States. Her unique background bridges business strategy, brand marketing, innovation management and meaning. She designed and taught the groundbreaking course on innovation Management at the University of Toronto, which focused on the "human side of the innovation". She is the author of three best-selling books on innovation and meaning. Elaine is dedicated to helping people connect to the deeper meaning of life, work and society.
Elaine Dundon is recognized for her struggles for: (Humanities/ Social Justice/Culture)

5. His Worship, Delano Velasquez Europa, JP Filipino
His Worship Delano Velasquez Europa, is a very distinguished member of the Filipino Canadian community. He is known as a community leader and president of the Nueva Viscaya association. Over the years he organized relief efforts for the Philippines. He also worked towards advocacy against racism during affecting the Filipino-Canadian community at the Scarborough Town center. He offered advocacy for over sea contractual workers. He is a strong voice for social justice and always helps the community on legal matters. He fundraises for disadvantaged students and provides scholarships. He is an active member of organizations promoting the arts and music, member of the Scarborough Senior Association and he is advocating good citizenship to Canada.
Justice of the Peace Delano Velasquez Europa is recognized today for his services to: (Community/ Humanities/ Social Justice)

6. Mr. Vinayagar Kandavanam, Tamil
Mr. Kandavanam, is a poet, writer, author and actor. He has to his credit 80 publications, many of which were published after his immigration to Canada in 1988. He is considered to be the most published Tamil Canadian author. He is the first Tamil writer to launch two books in English namely "12 Short Stories" and the "Lasting Light". He won an Editor's Award in poetry by the National Library of Poetry, also the National Library of Poetry produced an album of his poems under the name "Visions". Among his work is the Tamil translation of the Canadian National Anthem. He is one of the founding members of the Tamil writers' Association of Canada which he served as president for several years. His work is celebrated in Germany, Holland, Denmark and other European communities. He has been honoured by them for his distinguished services in the social and cultural fields. He also was awarded an honorary Cultural Doctorate in Philosophy of Literature by the World University Roundtable, in corporate affiliation with the World University in Arizona of USA.
For all his exemplary services today he is recognized for his distinguished Life Time Achievements in: "Life Time Achievements" (Humanities/Arts/Letters)

7. Mr. Apkar Mirakian, Armenian
Mr. Apkar Mirakian is a very prominent member of the Armenian community of Toronto, with over fifty years of devoted volunteer work. Mr. Mirakian is one restless worker of the community which over the last few months has organized groups that welcome Syrian refugees. He is spending his days interviewing them and doing his best to help them settle in Canada. He also helps them by reviewing their applications for permanent residency in Canada. The majority of the 1200 Armenian speaking Syrian refugees which arrived in Toronto have been served by Mr. Mirakian. He is locating private sponsors, temporary or long term accommodations and helping them find employment. Today we are recognizing Mr. Mirakian for his exceptional and distinguished services to the Armenian community and to Canada. (Community Service/ Humanities/Social Justice)

8. Dr. Alexandros Pattakos, Ph.D. Greek
Professor Alex Pattakos is the co-founder of the "Global Meaning Institute". His unique, multidisciplinary background integrates political science, psychology, existential philosophy and print/electronic journalism. He has worked globally with all levels of governments and is a longstanding advocate for advancing excellence in public policy and administration. An academic committed to bringing theory and practice, he has served on the faculties of both Canadian (U of T) and U.S. institutions of higher learning, including as director of a graduate MPA program. A prolific author, his latest books focus on the human quest for meaning in life, work and society.
Professor Alex Pattakos, recognized for his work and efforts to serve our communities for: (Arts/Science/ Humanities)

9. Dr. Marat Ressin, Ph.D Russian
Professor Marat Ressin has led a 20-plus- year career as an internationally successful entrepreneur in business and real estate development. After completing his PhD in economics with a specialization in "small business crisis management" he gained extensive expertise in growing small businesses that attract investment. He became the first President of the "York Entrepreneurship Development Institute" (YEDI), a charitable University-Linked accelerator whose mission is to provide top-tier, free business education and mentorship to innovative members of any industry. In 2015 the Institute was ranked as the number one University Linked Accelerator in Ontario. He also created an old Furniture Depot which has served the needs of more than 600 newcomers and is on track to serve over another 1000 this year. This is the only service of its kind in the York Region and now works with every social service agency in the Region to receive client referrals for any individual or family in need.
Professor Marat Ressin, is recognized for his innovative ideas and his services to New Canadians: (Humanities/ Community/ Business)

Category: Individuals

Mahmoud Baher Formuli, Afghan
Mr. Mahmoud Baher Formuli after receiving a degree from the Kabul University, faculty of literature, worked for a period of time with the ministry of Education of Afghanistan. In 1984 he moved with his family to Canada. Since 2013 he has been the president of the Afghan Association of Ontario, helping every member of the community asking his services. Over the years he worked with the Association and organized the Social and cultural affairs. At the same time he was involved in every effort of the international factors for peace and stability in Afghanistan. He helped and availed his services to newcomers and refugees. Over the time he hosted many TV programs and has been the author of many articles.
For his distinguished services to members of the Afghan community and to Canada today he is recognized for: "Community/Humanities/Arts"

Martin van Denzen, Dutch
Mr. Martin van Denzen, has been a dedicated and tireless activist in many Dutch-Canadian organizations, social, cultural, charitable and business. In his capacity as a member of the community he served for a long time as board member of the Duca Financial Canadian Credit Union, hosting and producing the Dutch Touch Radio since 1998 and organize the traditional Christmas event for the children of the community for 24 years. He is a staunch supporter of the bi-annual "Netherlands Bazaar", a charity that supports people in times of need. He has organized "Thank you Liberators" festivities for WW2 veterans that liberated his native country Netherlands in 1945.
For his distinguished services to his community and to Canada today he is recognized for: "Community/Humanities/ Arts"

Sarath Kumarasinghe, Singhalese
Mr. Kumarasinghe is one of the well-known classical Esraj players in North America. He attended lessons at the Bhatkande College of Music in India where he nurtured his skills in classical vocal and instrumental music. He performed in numerous recordings and participated in radio, television and movies. In 2016 he held his first full length concert in Mississauga. He performed concerts in Canada and the USA. He has a school and he is teaching music in the GTA. He is a Fellow of the institute of chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and Certified Professional Accountant in Ontario. He is very active within the community and he is helping new-comers to integrate in the Canadian mainstream society and at the same time he is doing charity work for members of his community in need.
For his distinguished services to community and the arts, is recognized today: "Sports/Arts/ Humanities"

Neel Nanda, Hindi
Mr. Neel Nanda started his community work with the late Dr. Ubale, where he helped organize international conferences on the Eradication of Poverty. He has been associated with various community groups. In 2000 he became secretary general of the NEPMCC, which is a post he still holds today. He is the founder and president of the not for profit organization "Heritage beyond Borders" which is dedicated to promoting tolerance and understanding among the different ethnic communities of Canada.
Mr. Neel Nanda is recognized today for his work in: Humanities/ Social Justice/ Culture

Luke Hezlyn Stocking, Canadian
Mr. Stocking has extensive work as a delegation member on a human rights trip to Israel and West Bank where he met with both Palestinian and Israeli NGO'S and worked with a permanent peacemaker team in Hebron. He is the co-chair of the advisory committee for peace and justice at St. Michael's College. He is a contributing editor of the "Mustard Seed", the Toronto Catholic Worker publication. He is an organizer of public roundtable discussions, street theatres and part of the One World Global Education Program.
Mr. Stocking is recognized today for his work in: "Humanities/ Arts/ Community"

Kamal Taravati, Iranian
Mr. Kamal Taravati studied music composition at Tehran National Music School and continued his education at the University of Tehran, faculty of Fine Arts. He pursued his graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. For the last 40 years he is working as a composer and instructor of music. He plays piano, flute, harp, violin and the Iranian traditional instruments tombak and Kamancheh. Since 2008 he is organizing and leading choir groups. His focuses his efforts in funding, organizing teaching and leading the Iranian National Orchestra and Children's Choir in 2009 and also the Iranian Youth Orchestra in Canada in 2010. He is the founder of the Nowruz Festival of Canada, and created the Colorful Flowers Project "concert tour". His group had performed at the Tigran Festival, the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Parya Foundation, Oasis Center Des Femmes and other similar projects. He believes that through the arts and culture the community feels closer to each other. He believes in the creation of a more peaceful world through music and the Arts.
He is recognized today for his long and distinguished services to multicultural communities and to Canada in general for: "Community/Arts/ Humanities"

Suhanthy Tharmasrirajah, Tamil
Ms. Suhanthy Tharmasrirajah is an advocate and supporter of children of newcomer families as well as a volunteer translator for their needs within the school. She is serving as parent representative for the school council and the Peel Region FAST program. Suhanthy stood always at the front line working with students, staff and families. She was the first person to recognize when a student needed encouragement or a parent needed support. She has worked very hard in promoting tolerance and understanding in the school and the community. She has been a very active and vocal community member dedicating time, efforts and energy in order to help the voiceless members of her community as secretary of the Tamil community and as a spokesperson for Tamilcnn. Suhanthy is recognized today for her work in the fields of: "Social Justice/ Diversity/ community"

Category Journalists:

For Exceptional Services Rendered to Community Media

1. Raffi Der-Boghossian Armenian
Mr. Der-Boghossian is a very active individual of the Armenian-Canadian community, dedicating time, energy and funds in order to help members of the community in need. For decades he has volunteered his services to the community and with his involvement he brought significant changes. As a member of his local church he offered his services to help the recently arrived Syrian refugees of Armenian descent. Mr. Der-Boghossian is also the chairman of the board of editors of the community newspaper "TorontoHye", a very strong voice and a social instrument for the advancement of the concerns of the voiceless members of his community. For his services over the years to his community, to the global community and to Canada he is recognized today for his "Life Time Achievements".
Your Honour, Mr. Raffi Der-Boghossian.

2. Susana Donan (Service and commitment to freedom of the Press) Latino
Mrs. Susana Donan is the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and publisher of the weekly publication "El Centro", (El Centroamericano), serving the Latino speaking communities of Canada. Since 2000 this paper and the publisher has received a number of awards for its editorial content advocating equality and social justice for all Canadians and demanding just treatment of the seasonal workers of Canada. Ms. Donan has a very strong bond with the community and she is very well respected for her reporting, her editorials and her stand for the rights of the communities she serves.
Your Honour, Madam Susana Donan.

3. Ahmad Shah Hotaki (Democracy and freedom of the press) Afghan
Mr. Hotaki is a well-known member of the Afghan community in Canada. He is the Editor-in-chief and publisher of the "Afghan Post" a publication that expresses the views and concerns of his community and also informing the members about the Canadian landscape. Mr. Hotaki is a big advocate of the integration of the members of his community into the Canadian mainstream society. He continues his struggle for the promotion of the ideas of democracy and freedom of the press. For his endless efforts to serve well and rightly his community he is recognized today.
Your Honour, Mr. Ahmad-Shah Hotaki.

4. Hermie Garcia (Free Expression/ Human Rights) Filipino
Mr. Garcia is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the "Philippine Reporter", one of the most influential ethnic publications in Ontario for over 25 years and the strongest voice of the Filipino communities in Canada. Over the period of its circulation, Mr. Garcia time and again faces the opposition from out of the country authorities and yet he continues his dedication to freedom, justice, social justice, democracy and his struggles in support of human rights and the defense of the democratic values. Mr. Garcia is a well-known journalist, fitting for the rule of law, the respect of human rights, defending and promoting freedom of expression and the respect and dignity of every citizen in Canada and abroad.
His is being recognized today with a special award of "free expression and Human rights". Your Honour, Mr. Hermie Garcia

5. Kathy L. L. Lin (Long and productive dedication to community Service and information)
(Liang Liang Tsai) Chinese

Kathy Lin is the publisher and Editor-in chief of the "Canadian Chinese Times", published in Toronto and serving the Chinese speaking communities of Canada. Over the years this publication and the editor has gained respect among the members of the community for their stand towards the problems and concerns faced by the members of the community, in their drive to inform and entertain them. Kathy Lin uses her voice as an instrument of social change advocating to its readership a fast integration into the mainstream Canadian Community. A longtime member of the NEPMCC, she is supporting the goals and programs of the organization not only with her work as volunteer, but also financially, knowing our difficulties and limited resources. Your Honour, she is recognized today for her long and productive dedication to community service and to information.
Your Honour Madam Kathy L. L. Lin

6. John Saraidaris (Dedication, Integrity and Virtue, in Journalism) Greek
Mr. Saraidaris is the editor-in-chief of Patrides, N. American Review and also the web master of the two web sites of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. Over the years he has volunteered his knowledge and services and in the creation of our informative web sites, which are our windows to international communities all over the globe, informing and entertaining our visitors about the goals of this organization and the work of its members. As a journalist and editor of his publication he is recognized for his dedication, integrity and virtue in keeping his community informed.
Your Honour, He is recognized today for his efforts and work to this organization and his dedication, integrity and virtue serving the journalism.

Category Newspapers:

Excellence in Editorial concept, Art and Visual Presentation
Distinctive Services and Achievements in Media

SI News Mesopotamian
Metin Ciyayi Publisher/ Editor In Chief Arabic

Mr. Metin Ciyayi is the editor-in-chief of the publication SI News, serving the Mesopotamian and Iraqi communities of Canada. He is also a writer that has published several books in his native language and some of them have been translated to English and published in Canada.
Although he is a recent immigrant to Canada, he continues to produce a great publication with excellence in editorial content, and visual presentation. Today's recognition by the awards committee is to encourage and express our appreciation for his great work to his community.
Your Honour, Mr. Metin Ciyayi.

North News Portuguese
Denis Guedes, Brito Publisher/ Editor In Chief

The "North News" is considered to be one of the finest publications serving the Portuguese speaking communities of Canada, (Portuguese and Brazilian). Mr. Denis Guedes is the publisher and Editor-in-chief of the publication, which is well respected by the community. Mr. Guedes dedicates time, energy and enthusiasm, and produces a respected publication which is recognized today for distinctive services and achievements to media.
You Honour Mr. Denis Guedes.

Jang Canada Urdu
Ashraf Khan Editor In Chief

"Jang Canada" is one of the largest North American community based newspapers printed and updated with new information every Wednesday in hard copy and electronically. Mr. Khan is the editor-in-chief of this publication which is highly respected by its Urdu readership and is serving the South Asian, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Afghani Canadians in the GTA and all of Canada. Mr. Ashraf Khan is recognized today for his efforts to create one of the best cultural publications for its excellent editorial concept.
Your Honour Mr. Ashraf Khan.

Filipiniana Filipino
Bin Kon Loo Publisher/ Editor In Chief

Bin Kon Loo, is a dedicated journalist with many years in the service of the profession. Over the years he not only created one of the best publications, but at the same time he distinguished himself as a journalist, dedicating time and energy to cover events of his native Filipino community as well as mainstream Canadian culture. For the last few years he has participated in our CNE exhibition booth with his beautiful pictures from various community events in the GTA. As a journalist he is well respected by the professionals of all the linguistic communities of Toronto. Mr. Bin Kon Loo, is recognized today for his Distinctive Services and his achievements over the years in Media.
You honour, Mr. Bin Kon Loo.

Thoi Bao (Alberta) Vietnamese
Ms. Kyra Phong Lu Publisher/Editor in Chief

Thoi Bao is one of the finest publications, serving the Vietnamese community of Alberta and Western Canada. Ms. Kyra Phong Lu, is the publisher and also the Editor-in-chief of this great publication.
The publication is respected for its editorial content and its visual presentation, which reflects the artistic and journalistic conscience of the publisher.
To this extend we do recognize today Ms. Kyra Phong Lu, for her Distinctive Services and her Achievements in Media.
Your Honour, Ms. Kyra Phong Lu.

"Sri Lankan Anchorman" Newspaper Sri Lankan
Mr. Dirk Tissera Publisher/ Editor in Chief

The "Sri Lankan Anchorman" is a highly regarded publication, serving the Sri Lankan community in Canada. Published in English, this emphasizes the efforts of the publisher to encourage integration of its readers to Canadian mainstream society and culture. Mr. Dirk Tissera, is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the "Sri Lankan Anchorman" and he is recognized today for his excellence in Editorial Content and Visual presentation. Mr. Tissera, is recognized also for his "Services and Achievements in Media".
Your Honour, Mr. Dirk Tissera.

Category Magazines:

Best Editorial Concept and Visual Presentation

"Be Healthy" Russian
Eugenia Bakchinow Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief

"Be Healthy" is one of the latest products by members of the ethnic Press. It is showing the growing concern of the members of the ethnic communities of Canada about their health and how they will keep healthy.
The Editor-in-chief of this publication is Ms. Eugenia Kakchinow, a very talented young journalist. Today we recognize the magazine and its editor for the wonderful content and the visual presentation to its readership.
Your Honour, Ms. Eugenia Back now receiving on behalf of "Be Healthy" Magazine

Manitoba Chinese Tribune Chinese
Ms. Hong-Helen Wang Publisher/ Editor-In- Chief

Ms. Hong-Helen Wang, is the editor-in-chief of the Manitoba Chinese Tribune, one of the best publication of Canada serving the Chinese community of the Country. This publication for a number of decades now is one of the best circulating in the country which has nothing to be jealous of similar mainstream publications, as it is the "MacLean" by big corporations. Professor Helen Wang, has dedicated her time, enthusiasm and financial resources for many years now, to this ambitious work. It is with great pleasure that the committee today is recognizing the great work of professor Wang.
Your Honour, Ms. Hong-Helen Wang receiving on behalf of the "Manitoba Chinese Tribune".

"Etc & Tal" Brazilian
Ms. Isa Melo Editor-In-Chief

Ms. Isa Melo, is a very well-known and successful journalist. She was recognized many times in the past years and she continues to be very creative and artistic as the Editor-in-chief, of the very fine Brazilian publication "Etc & Tal". This magazine is a special product of the combination of high technology and the artistic ability of the editor-in chief. The publication besides its perfect visual and artistic presentation, has all its editorial in parallel in two languages, Portuguese and English. This is the special feature of this publication.
The Magazines for more than a decade remains one of the best in the field, thanks to endless work of its editor.
Your Honour, Ms. Isa Melo receiving on behalf of the "Etc & Tal" Magazine

"CaH San" Serbian
Ms. Vesna Nedic Editor-In-Chief

Ms. Vesna Nedic is the editor-in-chief of one of the most artistic magazine in the sector of the ethnic community publications. It serves the small but dynamic Serbian speaking community of the GTA. This is the product of love of a willing group of people in their efforts to serve and encourage the members of the community to retain as much as possible the characteristics of their great civilization and to remind them of achievements of their heritage.
The Magazine "CaH San" in reality it is the product of love speaking about the culture and heritage and at the same time informing about the new country Canada, its democratic institutions and the freedoms we enjoy.
Your Honour, Ms. Vesna Nedic, receiving on behalf of the "CaH San" Magazine.

"Swedish Press" (B.C.) Swedish
Mr. Claes Fredriksson Publisher/ Editor In Chief

Your Honour, when Claes Fredriksson, assumed the responsibility of the "Swedish Press", the only publication in the country serving the great Swedish speaking community, it was a small publication serving the local community of B.C. Over the period of the years, since then, this Magazine became one of the finest cultural instruments published in Canada. Basic element to this transformation remains the skills, enthusiasm and work of Mr. Claes Fredriksson, and the endless hours of work he has put in order to create this piece of art and literature. This is the reason of the recommendation of the awards committee for the recognition of the "Swedish Press" and its editor-in-chief Mr. Claes Fredriksson.
Your honour, receiving today is Mr. Claes Fredriksson

Category: Radio & Television

Exceptional Services to Media
Best Concept, Audition, Presentation

"Voice of Lanka" Television program Sinhalese
Ranjit Wickramasinghe Director/ Producer

One of the best and longest television programs of the Sinhalese communities in Canada which educates and entertains its viewers. Mr. Wickramasinghe's program offers his new immigrant viewers entertainment and at the same time educates them about the culture and life of their new country. Over the years he has been involved in various community projects for the general good and the last few years he was an official member and fundraiser of the multicultural committee of the "Humber River Hospital". Today we are recognizing Mr. Wickramasinghe for his long and successful contribution to community and to Canada in General.

Vadim Mankauskas TV Director/ Producer Russian
Mr. Vadim Mankauskas since his arrival in Canada has been actively involved in the social life of the Russian speaking communities. He worked for several years as a volunteer at various community events organized by the oldest Russian charity organization "Russian House" in Toronto. In 2005 as a videographer, he visited the rehabilitation sites of the terrorist act in Beslan, Russia. Since his graduation from the Toronto Film School in television production he works as editor of the Russian Channel HTB, 24/7 TV of Toronto where he created video archives recording the life and developments of the Russian-Canadian communities. Since this year Vadim became a television producer on 9TV-Canada.

"Independent" Newspaper (Digital) Caribbean
Raynier Maharaj Publisher / Editor-In-Chief

Mr. Maharaj has been practicing journalism since 1981. He started his career in his native Trinidad and Tobago. After immigrating to Canada in 1989, he started working for "Share News", a publication of the Caribbean community. Eleven months later, he started the "Caribbean Camera" newspaper which he continued as EDITOR-IN-CHIEF until February 2014. In March of 2014, Mr. Maharaj started the "Independent" an online publication that serves the members of his community in the Diaspora. Today he is recognized for his long and very important service to his community and to Canada.

"GazetaGazeta @ Polcast" Radio Program Polish
Malgorzata P. Bonikowska Director/ Producer

Ms. Malgorzata Bonikowska, is the publisher and editor-in-chief of one of the finest publications serving the Polish speaking Canadian communities. She recently started the "Polcast" radio program, offering to her audience an amazing and very professional podcast in both Polish and English. Today Ms. Bonikowska is recognized for her distinguished services to media, to her community and to Canadian society in General.

For more information contact:
Thomas Saras
National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
Phone: 416 921 8926

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