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Trying to change the world?
We can help.

Getting your story across is an uphill battle when you’re challenging the status quo.
SOURCES can help you get your message out.

As a SOURCES member, you have an array of media relations tools at your disposal.
These tools are designed to be key pieces of your public relations and media strategy.
Here are ways you can use SOURCES to get your message out and maximize your impact:

Customize your Sources media profile

SOURCES exists to help journalists find contacts, experts, and spokespersons to interview for their stories or to feature as guests on their shows. Your SOURCES media profile anchors your media destination page on the SOURCES site. Dozens of subject headings, news releases, Google search queries and other pointers lead journalists to your profile. This is where you provide a description of what you do, what you stand for, what you know, and why the media should call you.
Sample profiles: #1 #2 #3 #4.
More information about optimizing your listing here.

Use your subject headings to lead journalists to you

Your chosen subject headings tell everyone visiting your SOURCES page — and everyone who finds your SOURCES listing via a Web search — what issues you are concerned with and what topics you are ready to provide comment on. Your choice of topics is crucial in leading the media, and the public, to you. When reporters are assigned to do a story, the first thing they have to do is figure out who to call. When they do a search on your issues — on the SOURCES site or on a search engine — you want to make sure their search leads to you.
Sample Topic pages: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

Issue news releases regularly

Your SOURCES membership entitles you to post as many news releases as you wish FREE. They appear on SOURCES.COM, go out to the media and on the Internet via RSS feed and Twitter, and are indexed by all search engines and by news aggregator/RSS sites. Releases are important because they create additional pointers to your profile and give the media reasons to call you, and because they build up the quantity and quality of content linked to your profile. Your profile lists the news releases you have issued, and each release links back to your profile.
Samples: #1a #1b  —  #2a #2b

Use the Sources Calendar to publicize your events

As a SOURCES member you can announce all your events for FREE. Each event you post includes a link back to your SOURCES profile as well as a link to your own website.

Publicize your books on the Sources Bookshelf

If you’ve written or published books or DVDs, include them in the Sources Bookshelf, a service for publishers and authors that promotes your publications and resources. As a member, you can feature two books or DVDs FREE; additional books or DVDs cost only $10 per year.
Sample book pages: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Promote your speakers

SOURCES.COM features special pages that spotlight and promote speakers and authors.
SOURCES members appear FREE as a benefit of membership.

Display your magazine or newsletter on the Sources Newsstand

The Sources Newsstand spotlights your magazine, newsletter, journal, newspaper or other periodicals and helps you attract readers, subscribers and advertisers.
Sample pages: #1 #2 #3 #4

Use video or audio to showcase your knowledge

Include video or audio clips with your profile so broadcasters, hosts, producers and organizations who book speakers can see and hear you in action. Give them more reasons to call you and put you on their show or hire you to speak at their events!  Sample video from Sources member: #1

Link to your Sources profile

One simple but effective way to increase the visibility of your SOURCES profile is to put one or more links to it on your own website. Linking to it helps to improve its Google search ranking. We can provide you with text links or banners to use. We can even provide a SOURCES search box which you can put on your site.

Use Media Names & Numbers for your media list

Subscribe to the directory of the Canadian media if you want to actively pursue outbound media contacts. A single-user subscription costs $109.95 a year and includes more than 5,000 print and broadcast media outlets accessible through the continually updated online version. Also available for multiple online users and as a mail-merge database.
Sample pages from online directory: #1 #2 #3

Use Parliamentary Names & Numbers for government relations

Subscribe to the directory of the Canadian's federal and provincial governments and have instant access to up-to-date contact information for Members of Parliament, Senators, Provincial and Territorial Legislators, Federal and Provincial Ministries, and Federal Agencies and Crown Corporations. A single-user subscription costs $75 a year. Also available for multiple online users and as a mail-merge database.
Sample pages from online directory: #1 #2

Media Training to put you at ease in any situation

SOURCES offers high-quality media training sessons to help you hone your expertise in dealing with the media. See for more information and watch video clips of our dynamic media and communications training: #1 #3 #4 #5 #6

Become a Sources affiliate

Help the other groups and organizations you work with enjoy the benefits of SOURCES. SOURCES offers a partnership/affiliate program: when you promote SOURCES, you benefit too! Contact SOURCES for details or read more.

Reach an international audience with SOURCES.COM

SOURCES is being increasingly recognized as a media resource internationally. SOURCES is used by journalists in English-speaking countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean, as well as in countries where English is used as a second language. In addition, SOURCES offers some content and experts in French and Spanish. If you can handle inquires in other languages, indicate this in your profile – or include a version of your description in French or Spanish.

More information

Call 416-964-5735 or for more information or see contact page.

Sources is the online directory that helps journalists find knowledgeable experts and sources. Use Sources to reach the media with your message, send out news releases, publicize your events, raise your profile, spotlight your expertise, and get publicity. is used by reporters and the news media, and also by the public to find reliable information and proven professionals, practitioners, and businesses. More information here; membership form here.