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MDC Corporation Inc.
MDC Corporation Inc. ("MDC") is a publicly traded international business services organization with operating units in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. MDC offers security-sensitive transaction products and services in four primary areas: Personalized Transaction Products such as personal and business cheques; Electronic Transaction Products such as credit, debit, telephone and smart cards; Secure Ticketing Products, such as airline, transit and event tickets; Stamps, both postal and excise. MDC shares are traded on the TSE (MDZ.A) and on NASDAQ (MDCA).
In addition, MDC Corp. owns Maxxcom Inc., which is the largest full-service marketing communications organization based in Canada. Its entrepreneurial partner firms provide a comprehensive range of communication services to clients in the Canada and the United States. Services include advertising, direct marketing, database management, sales promotion, public relations, investor relations, marketing research and consulting, corporate identity and branding, and interactive marketing. Further information about Maxxcom Inc. may be obtained on its web site at

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