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Apple's Brilliant Application of Timeless Military Strategy Principles
Richard Martin
Apple's highly successful introduction of the iPad back in April illustrates two important principles of military strategy.
Business Success Requires Boots on the Ground
Richard Martin
A fundamental principle of counterinsurgency strategy is that you need ‘boots on the ground.’ You can’t influence a population and secure ground and terrain, especially populated areas, without ...
Competitors Aren't the Only Threats
Richard Martin
One of the things that I?ve noticed lately is just how vulnerable many companies (and other organizations) are to non-competitive threats. I?m not talking about the traditional corporate bogeymen of b...
Creating and Sustaining the Offensive Mindset
Richard Martin
A common understanding of offense is that it's all about attacking and taking an aggressive stance. This is true, but it's much more than that. It's a mindset that is centered on seizing and maintaini...
Defense is Stronger than Attack
Richard Martin
Clausewitz pointed out almost 200 years ago what every soldier in history has known full well, that the defense is inherently stronger than the offense. As a general rule of thumb, attacking forces ha...
Focus Your Limited Resources on Actions with the Biggest Payoff
Richard Martin
You can only have one main effort. You must align your strongest resources to the main effort, with supporting thrusts to either support the main effort directly, or to widen the field of manoeuvre fo...
Global Publication of Brilliant Manoeuvres - How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles
Richard Martin
Richard Martin proudly announces the global publication Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles, which is now available through all major online retailers around the w...
How to Shape Your Competitive Space
Richard Martin
Shaping the battle space means that you don't just accept the situation as it is, but also try to influence and mould it so that you can exploit your strengths and put your competitors in a weaker pos...
If you've lost or given up the initiative, then you're automatically in a defensive posture
Richard Martin
You can give up the initiative willingly and go into a temporary or local defensive mode. This allows you to buy time to reorganize, rest, or reconstitute your resources. It also allows you to free up...
Learn from your mistakes and those of others
Richard Martin
I spoke last Tuesday to the Associates of the Asper School of Business in Winnipeg. As I was preparing for the speech I came up with a list of over 20 key lessons I learned about leadership, strategy,...
Like water, find a way to infiltrate your competition's defenses
Richard Martin
Infiltration is one of the most effective military manoeuvres for getting into the enemy's defences by sneaking in small parties to raid and built up forces for a surprise strike.
Message to Research in Motion - Wake Up!
Richard Martin
Research in Motion (RIM) is the world’s number one provider of secure data communications for corporate clients. Their systems are so secure that governments in many countries rely on them for their o...
New Offering from Richard Martin -- Precision-Strike Strategy
Richard Martin
Using my 26 years of military command and leadership experience, I guide my clients from vague wishes and objectives to specific, concrete, and actionable plans.
PCs - The Beginning of the End
Richard Martin
Most people don't need a powerful desktop or laptop computer for everyday tasks. Email, messaging, reading news, talking on the phone or through video conferencing, scheduling activities, budgeting, e...
Richard Martin Gives Strategies to Grow Revenues and Profit
Richard Martin
We're in the 'dog days' of summer, as they say in baseball, so I'll just offer eight quick ideas for boosting revenue and profit and that you can reflect on during your vacation.
Richard Martin Recommends Going for the Jugular
Richard Martin
Disable your opponent's centre of gravity -- his unique source of balance and strength--and do so quickly and with resolve when you have a window of opportunity.
Richard Martin says businesses need Corporate Robustness
Richard Martin
I’ve been saying this for years now, but it bears repeating: No one can predict what will happen next. However, the solution isn’t to try to create more certainty, because that doesn’t exist. The only...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres -- 6 May 2013
Richard Martin
Never assume you're completely right about your enemy (or competitors) nor completely wrong either.
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres 11 February 2013
Richard Martin
The first and most important principle of war, and the only sure road to victory, is offense. Defense should only be used as a temporary measure while doing everything possible to (re)gain the initiat...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
To win in war and in business requires seizing and maintaining the initiative; going on the defensive only buys time to consolidate a position, withdraw, reorient or reconstitute one's forces.
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
The essence of manoeuvre is the process of bringing to bear one's strengths against the weaknesses of opponents. By extension, manoeuvre also requires the ability to avoid or coopt resistance and expl...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres - 11 March 2013
Richard Martin
Whenever you're creating a message, giving direction, or developing objectives and plans, aim to formulate them at a high school level. This isn't meant as an insult to the receiver, but rather as rec...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres - 25 March 2013
Richard Martin
Leading from the front is needed to set the example, the tone, and the pace of an operation or project. On the other hand, once things are fully underway in the right manner, it is time to pass the ba...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres - 4 March 2013
Richard Martin
Let your competitors focus on their existing customers and products. That creates opportunities for you to manoeuvre around them.
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres -- 13 May 2013
Richard Martin
Often, the best intelligence comes from ˜troops in contact with the enemy. They can see what's happening and can provideground truth to corroborate or validate the opinions and assessments made throug...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres -- 27 May 2013
Richard Martin
It's critical that managers and executives at all levels of a company identify what they control and what they don't. They must resolve to act on those things they control while influencing those they...
Sources welcomes BlueRush
BlueRush is a full service digital marketing company focused on developing highly engaging and interactive solutions using Web 2.0 technologies, award-winning rich media animation and video production...
Sources welcomes Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.
Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.
Sources welcomes a new member, Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.
Strategy Requires Specificity
Richard Martin
Strategy always gains from specificity. It’s even more important to be specific when planning and conducting the implementation of the strategy. A key role of the strategic leader is to move from gene...
Use Experience to Learn Systematically
Richard Martin
Just like military forces, companies and other types of organization should be disciplined about conducting after action reviews.
Use guerrilla strategy and tactics if you're in a position of strategic weakness
Richard Martin
Guerrilla strategy is very misunderstood, sometimes even by military historians and strategists. In the simplest terms, guerrilla strategy is a combination of small-scale offensive tactics with a defe...
Waves of Strategy
Richard Martin
The major challenge in business strategy isn't so much in formulating one, but rather in implementing it and seeing it through to successful results. I've discussed one aspect in transforming strategy...
What Do You Mean We're In A Recession
Joshua Zuchter, Life and Business Coach, Human Dynamics Specialist
Recessions spare few people, including business owners. But there are entrepreneurs who have discovered the main keys on how to profit despite the economy. Here is how to profit as a business owner in...

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Competitors Aren't the Only Threats
Sources News Release
Richard Martin
One of the things that I?ve noticed lately is just how vulnerable many companies (and other organizations) are to non-competitive threats. I?m not talking about the traditional corporate bogeymen of b...
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Friesen, Carl
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Hudson, Michael
Donald Trump and Jared Kushner say that the government should be run like a business, but that would mean eliminating regulations and expenses that benefit the people.
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Martin, Richard
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