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Judges Do an AboutFace in Online Charity Contest, Giving Away $60,000 Total

May 10, 2010

The results are in and final. AboutFace International was judged most deserving in the “Show Us Your Goodness” campaign. AboutFace takes the Grand Prize of $20,000 from a total of $60,000 in prize money.

The Secondary Grand Prize Winners are the Literacy Council of Kingsport and Canadian Celiac Association – Vancouver Chapter. Each of these non-profits receives $5,000.

After examining over 2,500 submissions, then selecting 33 deserving finalists, the six judges are pleased with the results. The remaining 30 charities, each receiving $1,000 in Sponsor Choice prize money, are listed alphabetically at

How the Contest Worked
The company behind “Show Us Your Goodness” was Snack Alliance Inc., makers of riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps. The popular contest was part of a social media campaign linked from their website

Charities were invited to explain why they deserved the Grand Prize of $20,000. Hence the contest title: “Show Us Your Goodness.” Entries required careful written submissions on behalf of the organizations.

Cash Prizes a Twist on Bragging Rights
Judges were impressed with how impassioned and persuasive most entries’ arguments were. “Some of the fiercest competitions feature bragging rights as the prize,” says Tricia Ryan, Director of Marketing for riceworks®. “’Show Us Your Goodness’ offered charities cash for what is essentially bragging.”

Ryan pauses: “We wondered if charities – mostly run by volunteers – might be shy to talk about themselves.” She smiles, “No worries there. When people are passionate about a cause, they want to share that passion. This was a heart-warming experience. We can’t wait to do it again next year.”

Tens of thousands of Consumers Vote in “People’s Pick” Award
The “Show Us Your Goodness” contest included the “People’s Pick” whose prize, beyond the $1,000 finalist ranking, was just that: bragging rights. Consumers were invited to vote online for the charitable program they believe had gone the extra mile to “serve the greater good.”

The judges had no influence. The People’s Pick Winner was the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, whose members voted in legion.

Online Surveys Another Win-Win for Charities and Contest Promoters
"riceworks® also features charities, monthly, in research surveys completed by our Snack Panel Advisory members," says Ms. Ryan. "As an incentive, we offer one dollar for each survey completed, with the proceeds going to a charity selected by the Panel member. So even if your charity didn't win, you can still benefit.”

Since January 2010, riceworks has donated $69,000.00 to Show Us Your Goodness charitable programs. To become an Advisory Panel member for riceworks®, visit

About Shearer's Canada
A manufacturer of branded and private label snack foods including potato chips, tortilla chips and extruded snacks, Shearer's Canada recently purchased Snack Alliance Inc. The firm's signature product, riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps, is a tasty and popular whole grain gluten-free snack that has won kudos from snack lovers in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. For more information about the product visit

For more information contact:
Tricia Ryan
Phone: 800-665-3880

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Tricia Ryan, M.B.A., Author, Speaker, Small Business Coach


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